Health & Fitness

Fostering a commitment to health and fitness requires time and patience. The Concierge can nurture this commitment through its relationships with a consortium of fitness centers and personal fitness trainers throughout the metropolitan Boston area.

Whether you are looking for a standard gym membership or you wish to belong to an exclusive club, The Concierge enjoys the company of a wide variety of  leaders in the industry ready to help you realize your goals. Personal trainers are also available for in-home sessions as well.

Boston Sports Club

Boston Sports Club is the most requested fitness facility in the Greater Boston area with 19 convenient locations with expansions planned for the near future. As part of Town Sports International, members of The Concierge will enjoy the advantages of over one hundred thirty-one club facilities in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Take advantage now of the benefits and savings The Concierge and Boston Sports Club provide today. In addition to everything one needs from a fitness provider, a full range of fitness services, and first rate facilities, members of The Concierge will receive special rates on passport memberships. What's more, Boston Sports Club will even waive the standard initiation fee simply because you're a member of The Concierge. Altogether you'll save over $300 your first year alone.

Contact The Concierge to begin saving immediately.

Massage Services

The Concierge is pleased to provide you a soothing, relaxing massage to relieve sore muscles, decrease pain or improve circulation by certified massage therapists.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or have sustained an injury playing sports or otherwise, our licensed therapists are trained in a variety of approaches ranging from sports massage to flush out lactic acid to therapeutic massage that incorporates deep tissue massage, heat, and stretching to treat problem areas.

Of course if its simply a massage you look for at the end of a long hard day the Swedish method is the surest approach. Soothing and relaxing with light pressure from head to toe, Swedish massage incorporates long, fluid strokes not much below the skin level and is credited with moving blood and lymphatic fluid to benefit circulatory and immune systems.

Fitness Trainers

The Concierge is proud to offer personal, in-home fitness training designed to accommodate your schedule. By calling The Concierge at (617) 345-0045, you will be connected with knowledgeable trainers experienced in enhancing the mind-body-spirit connection through resistance training and cardiovascular exercise.

All fitness personnel recommended by The Concierge are licensed and certified professionals. Contact us today to make that connection and find new balance in your life.

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